Latest Paintings

  • Borve Beach

    A painting of the beach at Borve in Barra, Scotland.  SOLD Details: 12" x 10" oil on canvas boardPainted:...

  • Borve Point

    Borve Point in Barra, Scotland. Focusing on the dramatic storm brewing in the distance approaching the Borve's...

  • Boscastle headland

    This is Penally Point, the headland of Boscastle in Cornwall, made famous by a certain J.M.W...

  • Bothwell Castle

    Plein Air painting of Bothwell Castle in Bothwell, Scotland. NOT FOR SALE Details: 10" x 12" oil...

  • Camusdarach Beach

    Camusdarach Beach in Arisaig, Scotland SOLD Details: oil on A6 gesso primed cotton rag paper.Painted:...

Client: Scotrail

Ad function: Programmatic Rich Media HTML5 animation plus Reskin format

Ad formats: 3 variants of IAB Standard sizes: Billboard, MPU, Double MPU, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, Mobile Banner

Creative software: Adobe Edge, Photoshop

Ad publishing platform: AppNexus/Xandr

Year: 2017


Double MPU



Mobile Banner

Billboard (Scaled to fit)

Leaderboard (Scaled to fit)


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